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StallTalk is a toilet-based social network founded by Northwestern Computer Science students and avid toilet users.

It allows toileteers to anonymously leave messages at a particular stall. Talking to people is simple. Each stall has a unique QR code that links to a webpage that displays posts at that stall.

Users simply scan the code, and -- 'Plop!' -- the rest is history.

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The Dream

We have a dream that one day every toilet around the world will be a beacon of hope. Whether it be through chat or games-- we hope to revolutionize the way people poop. See Posts

The [Dream] Team

The StallTalk team consists of a group of Northwestern Computer Science students dedicated to living life to the fullest. Our team has a combined 25 years of programming experience, 3 successful companies, and are toilet experts.

The Future

The future of StallTalk is completely decided by you. It is completely open source, and you can checkout the code on Github. We have a big goals - some of which include ShatRoulette and ShitterTwitter! Let's get to 50,000 stickers, and Start The Movement!

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A few of our fans...

"Captains poop log: stall date 20120501. Discovered an anomaly circling Uranus. Sent a couple of philangies in to investigate. Things got messy and we took heavy losses. The cleanup was a disaster!"

"Weve got a hot number 2 in progress. Be advised it is armed and dangerous. Use extreme force if necessary."

"Do you ever wonder if well ever invent reheatable coffee?"

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